Test Results

All lab samples are sent to St Jamesís Hospital by special courier service that leaves the surgery every day at 12:30 pm.


  • As routine practice, you are expected to ring the surgery 10 days after the sample was taken. We request that you ring between 12pm and 1pm Monday to Friday.
  • A doctor or nurse will ring you directly on receipt of a significantly abnormal result or an important result that is outside the normal range
  • In the event of your lab result being required more urgently, a doctor or nurse will advise you when to ring for the result.
  • Receptionists are authorised to give a result that the doctor considers normal but cannot give results that are outside the normal range. You will be asked to discuss these with a doctor or nurse.
  • Often results outside the normal range are insignificant. Patients asked to discuss results with the doctor should not worry unduly
  • We will not routinely contact you to inform you of a normal result.
  • Results sometimes get delayed or lost at the lab. We will follow these up if your phonecall indicates that results are not back.